Thursday, 5 March 2015

Your lifestyle

I've had a couple of calls from these people. The first one was by a chap called Carite Care, and we spent several minutes with him spelling out his company name and has own name, so I think I got it right. Then we got down to the nitty gritty - he wanted a few moments of my time. When I asked him how many, I think he lost patience and hung up.

The second call was by a lady called Grace. Before she could ask me any questions, I started asking her. First her age - she's 32. Then I asked her socioeconomic group, A, B, C or D. She said A. Then I asked what city she was calling from, and she said "overseas". Yes, I said, I can hear that, but what city? "I'm not allowed to reveal that," she said. "OK," I said, "fair enough" and I hung up.

The scam is this. They want to ask you questions that reveal what you'd be good for as a sales lead, then they sell the lead on to a company that will, for example, try to get you to change energy supplier. Why is this a scam? Because I'm registered with the TPS, and they're not supposed to make sales calls to me.

But if they do, I regard them as a legitimate source of entertainment.


  1. To be unfair, Doc, you do seem to get an unfair amount of unsolicited phone calls. We don't even have the pleasure of being able to wind these people up as they dont call us, shall I give you my number so you can pass it on to them?