Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Essex Way again.

Another 50 or so caches, along the Essex Way. I've done more than 2/3 of them.

I was chased by a dog today. The first I heard of the dog was a faint woman's voice, far away, calling "Buster, Buster". Several minutes later, the dog appeared, fairly frisky and about the size of a small sheep. He tried to chase me on the bike, which, of course, involves trying to get in front of me so that I can run him down, which would maim the dog, but also tumble me off the bike. He followed me for a few caches, and all the time, I could hear "Buster, Buster". The dog would have been able to hear it too, but he ignored his owner's plaintive cries, just carried on chasing me.

Eventually, we got to a road. On a road, I can easily outpace a dog, but he'd have chased after me, and probably gotten killed by a car, of gotten so lost he'd never find his owner. So I waited by the road, until eventually the owner showed up. She explained "He's only a puppy, he likes chasing things". So I explained to her about what would happen to him if he got run over by a car, and "He's only a puppy, he doesn't realise it's dangerous, it's up to you to make sure that he's on a leash, otherwise you could have a dead dog."

I don't think she was listening, though.

I saw the first lamb this year.

51 caches found.


  1. Unfortunately dog owners not controlling their 'playful' animals is a problem we've found too. This is particularly problematical when caching with two young children who are scared of dogs!

  2. Yes; ladysolly and I sometimes meet "playful" dogs. The olpwner always tells me not to worry, they're just being playful. I always tell the owner not to worry, I won't use my walking pole to hurt their dog, unless, of course, I need to defend myself. And then I hold it in both hands, in a determined-looking way.