Thursday, 26 March 2015

Another shaver bites the dust

I like to shave with an electric shaver. I prefer the to-and-fro kind to the rotary action, I don't have a logical reason for this. The model I've been using for quite a while now is the Goncon Guangke, which costs about £9.

I've tried more expensive shavers, but the usual problem is that the foil breaks, and then a replacement foil is maybe £18. If you think about the complexity of an electric shaver, you'll realise that it's a pretty simple device. Why would an expensive one be significantly better than a cheap one?

So with the Goncon, I get the whole thing for less, and it gives me a good shave. Currently, I have three. I had four yesterday, but the foil on the one I use, fell apart, so I brought out one of the three spares I have.

But it's a while since I researched this, and I wondered if there was anything I was missing. I came up with this shaver It's under £8, but the really good news, is that it comes with two replacement heads, and one replacement foil. It isn't washable, whereas the Goncon is, but since I've never actually washed the Goncon, I don't see that as a disadvantage. So I've ordered one, and if it's good, I'll buy three more for £7 each, which should see me OK in shavers for about a decade.

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