Thursday 19 March 2015

Another reply from HMRC

Identical to the first one.

"The e-mail / phonecall was from HM Revenue & Customs and is nothing to be concerned about."

The "/phonecall" bit makes me think that this is just a standard response, they didn't read my email, they didn't look into it, and no action will be taken.

HMRC will continue to send out emails that are indistinguishable from phishing emails, and then when someone responds to a malicious phishing email, they'll say it wasn't the fault         of HMRC.

Because of the impossibility of talking to anyone in HMRC who knows anything, and the impossibility of getting through to them via email, I'm giving up in trying to explain to them what they're doing that's wrong. I've done my best, but this isn't actually my problem.


  1. Of course, you could contact directly and point out the phish-iness of their email (the major mistake being to configure the https HMRC page address as a link, and worse, not a link to the actual page, as you've described):

  2. What I'm planning to do, is the next HMRC phish I get, I'm going to report, and see if I get the same reassurance