Saturday 14 March 2015

All fall down

I've noticed that, as you get older, the consequences of falling over get worse.

I've fallen over many times; I can say that I have experience in this. A few times, I've fallen from my bike, most times I've fallen from my feet.

A few days ago, ladysolly fell over. I wasn't with her, so I don't know how it happened - nor does she. But down she went. And then, the day after that, she could barely move. In particular, one of her feet was hurting so much, I almost had to carry her upstairs. We planned to take her to the doctor next day. But when the next day dawned, her foot was fine, so we didn't bother. And yesterday, she was still fine, and went on her long-planned Bridge weekend, leaving me to forage for food (fortunately food isn't hard to find in Buckinghamshire).

A week or so ago, I tripped over my own feet while walking along tarmac back to my bike; I know what happened, it was a rough bit of road, I was tired, and I just couldn't keep my balance. I went down, hit the road, and bounced a bit. I wanted to lie there and collect myself, but my first thought was, it's dusk, and if a car comes along and doesn't see me lying in the road, I'll have a worse problem than a couple of bruises. So I scrambled up, and I was pretty much OK, I thought.

That evening, I found a big purple bruise on my hip where I'd fallen, and it hurt to lie on that side. That's sorted itself out, I'm glad to say, but I also have pain in both elbows, especially yhr left, which it taking a lot longer to heal.

So my advice is, don't fall over.


  1. Maybe you need to incorporate some bubblewrap, or padded Kevlar body armour, into your caching outfit? (is outfit right, maybe costume? clobber? kit? ensemble? gear?)

    I'll be sure to follow your wise advice though, seems like the best option.

  2. Arh, Doctor, I see you have been watching The Imitation Game - I have deciphered the code, without an Enigma machine :

    3rd from bottom line yhr = the.

    Actually, perhaps, just for fun, you should do a whole post in code :)