Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A disturbing reply from HMRC

They think that the email was kosher!

Thank you for contacting HM Revenue & Customs.

The e-mail / phonecall was from HM Revenue & Customs and is nothing to be concerned about.

If you think this communication is incorrect, you may wish to contact the relevant HMRC business area. HMRC contact
details are published within the link below: []
I'm guessing that they didn't notice the phony URL?


  1. Check out which lists some of their UK central government clients. They started working for HMRC in 2013.

  2. If you were setting up a web site for phishing in order to get HMRC users to download malware on the computer that they use for financials like this, then you would put on your web site all sorts of reassurances. The fact that govdelivery says that govdelivery is kosher, has zero weight.

    Not that I'm saying that they aren't kosher; just that their word that they are, isn't good enough.