Friday, 20 March 2015

400 on the Essex Way

Today was another day doing a piece of the Essex Way. But first, on the way there, while I was driving round the M25, the eclipse! Which, for me, was a big fat nothing; 100% cloud civer meant that even at the point of maximum eclipsification, the sky was slightly darker, and that was it.

I got there, parked, and then parked again when a nice man came out of his house and asked me to park on his tarmac, because he planned to cut the grass. Then I got onto the bike, and pedalled away.

My first circuit was 24 caches, then I relocated the car, had lunch, refreshed my batteries, and did abother 27 or so.

On the way home, driving South on the A12, I got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam at the exit to the M25. I spent over an hour there, and ladysolly was most displeased with the effect on dinner.

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