Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Suddenly ...

And suddenly, there's the Raspberry Pi 2. It has twice the memory (1gb, the Pi 1 is 512 mb) a clock speed of 900mhx (the Pi 1 is 700 if you dn't overclock it) and it's quad core, meaning that it has four CPUs, and linux will nicely take advantage of those.  It has four USB ports (the old Pi had two).The old Pi 1 was $35; the new Pi 2 is $35, so that's a 0% increase.

I want one.

RS components are, of course, out of stock. Oh well, I don't want one urgently. The Pi 1's that I'm using (a dozen or so) are working very well, and most importantly, they are very stable. They've been running for more than a year, and they just don't crash at all!


  1. And Element14's launch press conference tells us that Windows 10 will run on it!

  2. Actually doc, you missed the B+ which came out a short while back, it had 4 usb's, and the change to micro sd card. Why not try Element 14, i found them much better at customer service, and they are in stock! (under personal use at least).