Sunday 15 February 2015

Devil abolished

The Church of England has abolished the Devil. Good idea, I say, and about time. Let's hope that Lucifer goes along with this arrangement, although you have to have some sympathy for the sad lad, being abolished must be painful.

But seriously, it's a good idea. I don't thnk many people believed in Beelzebub, so when the Church asks you “Do you reject the Devil" you don't have to pretend any more, and say "No such thing" which isn't quite the same as rejecting him.

But I think they should go further.  There's a whole bunch of imaginary and invisible friends that they could abolish. If they can replace "reject The Devil" with "reject evil", (which us atheists can certainly go along with) then surely they could also replace all references to "god" with "goodness"?

But what about Hell? Who's in charge there now?



    The included link suggests some reading.

  2. There is a perfectly respectable tradition that treats of "the problem of evil"...much of it to do with the development of possible world semantics and many varied logics. To throw the whole argument out as "people fairy in the skies" as you do, does little to your intelligence. It was always your least endearing trait btw.

  3. It's a bit like me for sneering at the whole of maths for taking complex numbers seriously. Or sneering at quantum physics for believing know the rest.

  4. Sneer? Moi? I'm just applauding the latest contortion of the C of E and specualting on what they might do next. Maybe they'll even discover that homosexuality is as bad as they'd thought.

    Complex numbers, on the other hand, are useful for calculating current flows (for example) and without quantum mechanics, we wouldn't have transistors. I don't see what the Devil was ever useful for, and the C of E seems to be agreeing with me now.