Tuesday, 27 January 2015

More Essex Way

Today the weather looked good, so I dropped my pixification and went out caching. I'm slowly working my way along the new Essex Way series.

Today was Flower Day. Here's the first snowdrops of the year. I'd probably have seen some sooner, but I've been pixifying.

And also these:

And the daffodils are very early.

I did 25 miles today, on the bike, in  two segments, getting back to te car in between them for food and fresh batteries. I cached from 10 am till 6 pm, and managed 79 caches, and no DNFs. The track was good the whole way, although a bit muddy in places.

When I started off, I noticed an nasty-looking bulge in my rear tire. It's become very worn on the sides, and I don't know how that happened. I can only think that it was scraping against the build-up of mud that did it. Anyway, I decided to risk going out on the tire, but I'll be replacing that tire tomorrow.

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