Thursday 18 December 2014

My mug

SportsDirect do some great gear. I buy a lot of my clothes from them, because most of my clothes are for going out caching, and they don't need to be fashionable. Or good quality. Or even mediocre quality. Actually, their underpants are excellent, and they do trainers with velcro fasteners (and so easy to put on and off) that last for maybe a year, but as they cost £7.50, I'm happy.

In my last order, I also bought a mug. SportsDirect do these big, bold pint mugs (that's the proper 20 ounce pint, not the puny US 16 ounce pints) that are ideal for a nice mug of coffee. The last one I had got broken - ladysolly says the handle just came off in her hand.

The mug duly arrived ... broken. Or rather, so badly chipped around the rim as to be unusable. The reason for this was twofold. A) it hadn't been packed very well, just a little bit of bubblewrap. And B) it was delivered by Yodel.

I sincerely believe that Yodel is the worst delivery company in the UK, and they must be in the running for world leadership. They arrived while I was out, but ladysolly was in. She knew they had arrived, because she saw a torch being flashed around. They didn't ring the bell, nor did they plan to. I think they were just going to toss the parcel over the gates. But even without that toss, the mug was history.

So I told SportsDirect. Their rules seem to say that I have to return the entire order (12 pairs underpants, two pair shoes, one mug) for it to be replaced. But that's surely nonsense, I thought, and I explained about the badly chipped mug, and offered to email them a picture of it. Because do they really want a large parcel of perfectly good underpants back? And a chipped mug?

They didn't. They've emailed me to say that a replacement is on the way.

Three cheers for SportsDirect!!!


  1. Yodel ....worst ! .......Dr Solly you obviously have never had deliveries from Hermes I am telling you they are dreadful No matter how hard you complain they totally ignore you. Its a pleasure to deal with Yodel compared with this bunch of cretins

  2. I think Yodel and Hermes are level-pegging; both have lobbed parcels over my gate. This is why they do it:

  3. Bought my first item from our new SportsDirect in Cirencester recently. A cheap pair of walking shoes. I didn't expect them to last long, but should of at least lasted a few months. I based that on my last pair I bought from lidl for £14.99 which lasted a good 13 months. The SportsDirect pair cost me £19.99 down from £39.99, and lasted just 3 weeks before the rubber was almost all worn away and what was left of it was cracked and let water in. They did of course let me have a new pair of a bit better quality for just another £5, and I wait to see how these last. But my first impressions of quality from them are poor. Who designed the rubber soles of their shoes? the Pirelli F1 dept I guess.

  4. You shouldn't expect good quality from SD. I get my boots from Amazon, Hitec, cost about £35. They wear well, but aren't as waterproof as they claim.