Sunday 7 December 2014

My irony meter broke

Dennis Higgins, a Catholic priest, told the children of St Thomas More's school that Father Christmas isn't real.

This is so wrong, it isn't even wrong. And my irony meter just went "spong!".

He's telling a bunch of children too young to be able to apply critical thinking, that their invisible friend isn't real, but that his invisible friend is real. I'm tempted to visit his church and tell his parishoners that Higgins' invisible friend isn't real either. Tempted ... but I won't do it, because they probably won't believe me.

And the children of St Thomas More's school didn't believe Higgins.

This is a common meme.  You often get reports  in newspapers of christians saying that Father Christmas doesn't exist, although you rarely get newspaper reports of atheists saying that the christian god doesn't exist. I've tried, in my small way, to rectify this by posting on the Dennis Higgins support facebook page.

But I think that Father Christmas fills a valuable role. Apart form bringing the presents, that is. He's the first time that children meet the fact that their parents lie to them, firmly and consistently, about something of great importance. It teaches them to doubt the existence of invisible friends, just on the say-so of people in authority.


  1. So Santa is NOT real Mum & Dad have been telling lies ? I am so upset Dr Solly does this mean I wont get my new GPS for Christmas

  2. Father Christmas is real, I actually met him last Christmas. I'm sure my parents wouldn't lie to me ;)
    Daughter. 2

    1. My Dear Angie,

      I think your dad is trying to break it to you gently that he may have misled you at certain points in your life. I'm sure in your heart you will be able to forgive him, oh and mum! What you mean she never told you about the tooth fairy!

    2. I'm just glad the Easter Bunny will still come I just couldn't cope with another lie