Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wakerley Great Wood

Last week, the Halloween Mega was held in Wakerley Great Wood. I didn't go to that, because I'm a bit too old to get a thrill out of skeletons and vampires, and I'm not too keen on caching in a huge group. So I went there today.

Caching on a bike in a forest can be very nice, if the tracks are good, or very iffy if the tracks are muddy and squishy. Wakerley Great Wood was half and half. But the big problem I had, was that they've taken all the scary-fun caches out (so they can use them again next year) and replaced them with micros. And the hints are often left as they were. Which leaves me looking for a micro in a forest, without a hint. Or with a hint that applies to the original cache.

Forests aren't good for GPSes. The tall trees bounce the signal around, and accuracy is badly affected.  There's about 50 caches there, and I had hoped to get all 50. But I only got about half.

At about 2pm, I got back to the car for lunch and a battery change. This little fellow invited himself to join me.

He came right up to the car, obviously begging. I held out for several minutes, but eventually I gave him a crumb of bread, which he happily ate. Then asked for more.

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