Saturday 15 November 2014


I was out today with ladysolly, doing the Ridge Top Ramble, which included some very steep descends and climbs, and some very soggy terrain. The highlight of the day happened when I heard a sudden scream from behind me, followed by a splash, or more precisely, a spludge.

Some electrified fence had come off its posts and was tangled all over the ground. I saw it, and avoided it, but ladysolly didn't, got her feet caught up in it, and toppled over, face first, into the soggy ground. It was so soft and wet that she didn't get hurt, but she did get a faceful of mud, and spent the next several minutes spitting it out again. Here's what she looked like:

As you can see, her trousers and jumper were soaked and muddy. We headed straight for the car - we'd nearly finished anyway - but by the time we got there, the wet had wicked into her socks, so she had wet feet. Also wet t-shirt, panties ... you get the idea.

I know, I should have taken a picture when she was face-down in the mud, but I didn't have the heart. Or courage.

After a quick bath when we got home, she's fine.

26 caches done, no DNFs.

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