Tuesday 11 November 2014

Sixty six

I did 66 caches today, not counting one DNF. The DNF was one that I've DNFed before. But it was missing then. I wonder if it's missing now?

I did three circuits; Barnack and Back, Etton and Back and Frognall and Back. Doing the last circuit, I was on the home stretch, it was dark (but I have a good head torch) and I crossed a bridge that led to a track across a muddy field. I bottled out. My experience of such a track, is that you can get so badly bogged down that you practically have to carry the bike, which at 80 pounds is no easy matter. I only missed out one cache by doing this; the other two along that track were multis, and I guessed (correctly) the answers and found the caches, which were nowhere near the muddy field.

So, a good day out, which ended just as it was about to start raining, and which netted a most appropriate number of finds!

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