Sunday 23 November 2014

New tire, new brakes

While getting the bike ready for tomorrow's outing, I noticed this:

You can see the two cracks in the tire; the one on the left is so bad you can see under the rubber. I thought, this isn't too bad, it'll hold. And then I thought, I don't want to be ten miles from the car when this goes toes-up, and although I carry a spare inner tube in my bike toolkit, I don't carry a spare tire (but I do have one in the car). I get these good quality Kevlar-reinforced tires for about £13, and I have a couple in stock, so I put one on.

Also, I've been finding that the back brake is a bit reluctant to stop me. Looking at it, I saw this:

You can see it's worn down nearly to the metal. I don't go very fast; 10 mph is about my speed, because I'm going over rough ground, but even so, it's not good if you can't stop. Although I do have front brakes also. But new brake pads set me back about £1, so I fitted replacements.

And now I'm ready for a day's biking around Steeple Morden.

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