Friday 28 November 2014

Muddy in Finedon

Today I went to Finedon and got muddy. Very muddy. Most of the mud in Cambridgeshire accompanied me home.

I did the circuit "Fruit and nut series" and I was able to find all of them, plus some extras while I was out. But I very nearly got caught short, twice. Once was my PDA - I was down to 5% charge when I got back to the car (but I did have a spare with me). The other was battery. The series was 31 caches, about 10 miles, so I should be able to do that with two batteries. So I took three. And three was only just enough, because I did quite a lot of extra caches.

41 caches found, and a few DNFs. And some swans. They were sitting where I wanted to go, and totally ignored me dinging my bell.

So I, very slowly, walked the bike through them.

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