Wednesday, 5 November 2014


This morning, the BT engineer arrived for the site survey. I'm planning to get a 100 megabit link installed, which means fibre. I already have a 2 mb link, and there's a conduit from the nearest telephone pole to the house carrying the copper for this. The plan is, to run the fibre through that same conduit, so we won't have to dig up the garden.

It took us a long time to work out where that conduit came into the house, but we found it eventually. Quite a lot of dismantling was necessary to be sure we'd found it. When ladysolly got back from the morning's bridge, she said "I could have told you where it was." It hadn't ocurred to me that she might know!

So it looks like the route from the road to inside the house will be fine, but the BT man wasn't sure about running from the nearest exchange with fibre, along the road. There is a conduit, but it's quite old, and if it's blocked anywhere along the way, then we have a problem. The cost of putting in a new conduit would be quite heavy. I'd probably be expected to carry a lot of that.

I did suggest that the cost might be shared because they would then be able to offer fibre broadband to the other people along the road, but I think I was talking to the wrong person for that idea.

We'll see what he says about the existing conduit.

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