Saturday 1 November 2014

Bournemouth bridge bash

We arrived at 5ish, upacked, and went to the pre-bridge drinkies, then on to dinner. After dinner, ladysolly went for her first bridge session, and I went out for a few hours caching.

My favourite was a water-pouring cache. It took me a while to find, then I spotted a pipe nailed to a fence post, two holes in the bottom to let the water out. I carry a couple of liters of water in the car for just such a cache. Finger and thumb over the holes, and I poured the water in. the cache should have bobbed up to the top. But it didn't. So I gave it a good prodding with a stick sourced locally and tried again. It worked on the third attempt, and on the fourth attempt, I managed to grab he cache. And when I took my fingers off the holes, I was able to evade to resulting jet of water

32 caches done.

On the Saturday, I got up at 7am, wandered down to breakfast at 7:30 only to be told that it didn't start until 8. I mentally translated that to "8am maybe" and decided to go out caching without waiting. In the course of the day, I visited Tolpuddle, where the Tolpuddle Martyrs have a museum, and Shaftesbury, where I got my lunch at the local Asda,

I did 110 caches (plus a couple of DNFs), which is a new high for me.I got back to the hotel at 9:30 - ladysolly was deep in a bridge game.

Two lessons learned - my favourite headtorch only lasts for a few hours, so in future, I'll be sure to carry a spare battery. And my gps blutooth lasts for about 11 hours (it used to last for 13).

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