Sunday, 5 October 2014


I have a Raspberry Pi that continuously displays the outside temperature, the time and the number of errors reported by my monitoring system. Currently, it's reporting 20, which is about normal. It displays on a 3.5 inch LCD monitor, and I wanted to put it on a 5 inch.

The monitor arrived a couple of days ago, and today I got round to putting it together. I installed it on a Pi that I already have running (I'm using the composite port for the display), and then came the matter of how to do the display.

I don't want to display in any ordinary font; that would only be readable from a few inches away, I want something big and bold. For the system I already set up, I used figlet (installed using apt-get install figlet). But I wanted colour!

So I did a rummage round the web, and I came up with toilet. You install it with apt-get install toilet, and now I have a nice multicoloured display.

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