Tuesday 28 October 2014


I went out today to Arundel, caching. First I did the HH series, 34 caches with a few extras along the way. On the track I saw this:

Huge mushrooms. Or maybe toadstools. I never did understand the difference.

I went round the 8 mile route in about 4 hours. I got back to the car and had lunch, and on to the second route, Riverdance. That was only 14 caches, but I saw this:

That's a well in the middle, and my bike has inveigled itself into the picture.

Further on in this circuit, I took a wrong turn, because I didn't notice the turn I should have taken. Usually, that doesn't have major consequences, but this time, it was catastrophic. I was cycling along, and went through what I thought was a big puddle, but it turned out to be a river, and my boots filled with water. Then I realised I'd gone the wrong way, so I walked the bike back.

As you can see from my selfie, the water came up to my knees, so I spent the rest of that circuit with sopping boots.

It's little adventures like this that make caching such fun. I decided not to do the third route I'd planned, owing to unexpected water in the boots area.

51 caches found, no DNFs.


  1. Dr Solly
    You seem to have a great problem with where you go. Today I can inform you that you geocached in ANDOVER in the county of Hampshire NOT Arundel which is in West Sussex ! I'm beginning to worry about you, I had to pull you up on this very same mistake just a couple of months ago. :-) Just as well Freda knows her way home

  2. Oops. That's my diswordia, an uncommon disability, but one that should be respected.

  3. And it' Madge that knows the way home. Freda's the car, Madge is the satnav.