Friday, 24 October 2014

Getting older is better than the alternative

I had a minor problem at my colocation, and they weren't fixing it. Today I got a phone call from them.

Darren, who I've met a few times, and was one of their techies, had a motorbike accident yesterday. A drunk driver pulled out without looking, and killed Darren.

I used to ride a motorbike. I gave up after the second potentially deadly accident that wasn't my fault. The first time, I got doored; someone opened their car door at me (without looking). I hit the door, came off the bike, and I was lucky that there wasn't anything coming the other way to run over me.

The second time, I was waiting patiently at the entrance to a roundabout. The was a gap in the traffic, but I decided it wasn't big enough, so I carried on waiting. But the car behind me decided it was big enough, forgot that I was in front of him, smashed into my rear knocking me out into the roundabout road, and I was lucky not to be run over.

After that, I stopped riding a motorbike in London.

I do ride a bicycle, but that's mostly on bridleways and suchlike, and a bit on roads with almost no traffic.

I'm saddened by the fate of Darren.

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  1. Im sorry to hear that. What a waste and how awful for his family. :0(