Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Another long outage

At 10:50, my leased-line lost connectivity. There followed numerous phone calls to Daisy to get it sorted out. Apparently, BT was telling Vodafone that they couldn't see a problem at all.

Eventually, at 19:20, connectivity was restored. I expect Daisy will eventually tell me what the problem was.

But this is the ?fourth?  ?fifth? long outage I've had in the last couple of months. My guess is, it's all the same problem, but I don't know that. I hope it's sorted now, but given my experiences in the last couple of months, I'm not confident.

I think that I get no compensation from Daisy for this last outage, because they've already offered me one month's rebate, and they say that's all they give in any calendar quarter.


  1. It's a good job no one reads your blog then. Although to be fair it is frustrating, when I settle down at tea break to catch up on your witterings only to read "This webpage is not available".

    Mind you it is lovely looking at those mouth watering dishes on that other blog of yours!!


  2. Thanks for the compliment, but the mouth watering stuff comes from daughter.2