Thursday 9 October 2014

A terrible temptation to tread on the trite.

It's probably to do with my disability. You didn't know I have a disability? Yes, I have a disability. It isn't my fault, it's a disability, it's called "mouthfoot". When I hear something trite or stupid, I'm keen to say so and explain why.

This doesn't make me friends. I'd go further - I lose friends that way. Sometimes, someone I know and quite like, says something stupid, and you people without this terrible mouthfoot disability of mine, just smile and say "Oh well, that's just himself", but I find it difficult to just leave it be.

Facebook would be a big problem for me, were it not for the fact that a Facebook "friend" is just someone who you barely know (if at all, some of my "Facebook friends" I have no idea who they are). So losing a Facebook friend is usually no great loss.

I'm sometimes set off by the trite (and often really stupid) "motivational" messages that people post. A recent one was to tell children "Never give up on your dream". On the face of it, that sounds fine, but children don't always know that you shouldn't actually take any notice of such things, and "Never give up on your dream" could lead to a lifetime of trying to become an astronaut despite having severe motion sickness and a great fear of heights. Or wanting to be Tarzan while having only one leg.

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