Sunday, 26 October 2014

£1.7 billion

The UK earned more than we might have, that's nice. I did too; that's also nice. Our accountant, George, didn't realise that we'd have to pay more tax, so now Dave is saying "Won't pay".

Hey, can I do that? Last year, I earned more than I might have. Can I say "Won't pay"?

Dave has now painted himself into a corner, a bit like he did over the EU presidency. he warned of "grave consequences on public opinion in Britain". I challenge you to name the president! Public opinion DOESN'T CARE. And Dave looked an idiot when he was ignored.

Now he's making a big deal out of the £1.7 billion tax we owe. Granted, £1.7 billion is a lot of money, It's nearly 0.1% of the UK national income. Massive. It's like being asked for £100 when your salary is £100,000 because your salary was £10,000 more than you thought it would be.

Yes, I wouldn't refuse the offer of £1.7 billion if it were made to me. But it won't be. I have to share it with 60 million other people, so I'd only get thirty quid. Enough for a third of a tank of petrol (of which the taxman grabs £20).

Now that Dave has said "We won't pay and you can't make us", he's going to look such a complete wally when he find out that they can and we will. And UKIP will make major hay out of this.

Don't look at me. I didn't vote for him. I don't fancy Farage, he has a look about him. And Milliband wants to tax my house. Looks like I'll be voting for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party again.


  1. Being told that your bill has gone up by 1/5th (20% for you metricised folk) is likely to cause ire. But Dave was careful to say he wasn't going to pay the bill on Dec 1st (when it becomes due). He carefully didn't say he wasn't going to pay it. Dave is a politician.

    1. Yes, that's what he said. But what everyone heard is "Won't pay".

  2. Angela Merkel has said that David Cameron's plans to limit immigration are incompatible with the EU's freedom of movement act.

    I think she maybe getting mixed up with Germany's 1939 freedom of movement act, where they marched into any country that took their fancy.

  3. What's got two cheeks with a hole in the middle where crap comes out?

    Ed Milliband's face.

  4. I'm considering standing for this lot next time: