Monday 1 September 2014

Wordpress annoyance

Wordpress hyphenates my text. It tries to fit it into its idea of what a column should look like, and to do that, it breaks words, hyphenates them

You see this mostly in newspapers, because they have narrow columns. But that's not a good reason on web sites. And Wordpress does it badly. Look at this screenshot.

Breaking "MariaDB" is just awful. And the other two page breaks aren't necessary. Here's how blogger renders the same text:

The alternative is dynamic. You have a database (usually an SQL system, often “mysql” or, these days, “MariaDB”). Each time the user accesses a page, that runs a php program which queries the sql database, and the result of that query is sent to the user’s browser.

The advantage of dynamic is that it’s dynamic. Which means that if a page includes comments, for example, then the page will change as each comment is made, and the system shows the latest update each time the page is viewed. The big disadvantage of the dynamic system, is that a lot of computation has to be done every time any user accesses the system. This can be a big load on the server, and as a result, it can be slow.


  1. Yes, I did find that. But I've set up Wordpress for daughter.2, and she'll choose a theme herself, if she decides to use it, so I don't want to fiddle around with something that will probably change anyway.

  2. If you're feeling a bit nerdy you can create a child theme, which will override whatever theme she chooses for just *that* element.