Monday 15 September 2014

Wifi in the Magic Kingdom

We arrived at Eurodisney, and it's geat! Except ...

I tried to access my office servers using their wifi, and it was blocked. Inappropriate content. Well, I do understand that this is a family hotel and they're right to be ultra-careful about access. So I phoned the number that popped up.

After a lot of hold music, I got through to Swisscom, which I guess is their ISP. I told the supprt guy the swituation, and he asked e "Which hotel" "Eurodisney hotel", I replied. "But which one?" he asked. He reckons that there are nine, and no matter how many times I told him that it was just plain "Eurodisney hotel", he wouldn't take that as an answer, and refused to help. That took about half an hour.

So I went to the concierge at the hotel, and explain the problem. After half an hour of trying, the best they could offer was to let me use the computer in their reception, which I politely declined because I don't want to leave my passwords in their cache.

Thank goodness for ssl and proxy servers; that let me bypass their censorware and access my administration servers

Let's just hope that young children don't find out about proxies.

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  1. That's why I have tails on a usb stick for such occasions.