Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Magic Kingdom strikes back

  ... but only in a small way.

What I'm getting, in this "five star hotel" is occasional power cuts. This doesn't affect my laptop, it just switches over to battery power while the  mains power is out. But it does affect the Wifi.

Wifi crashes immediately the power goes - I guess they don't have a UPS on it. And then when power comes back, it takes a little while for the Wifi to come back. And while I'm waiting, I can only twiddle my thumbs.

To which I add - when we go out during the day to see all the Disney-stuff, someone comes into our room to make the bed, change the soap, and switch off all the power. So when I get back, my laptop has powered down.



  1. Play, Doc.. - quit worrying about the work :)

  2. Yes, Doc,
    look here those fab peeps in Cambridge have come up with this idea of making nice robots that do nice things rather than bash each other up and I would like your help in designing and coding one :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week

  3. You don't put your laptop in your room safe while you are out?