Tuesday 2 September 2014

Stamford tomorrow

I think my foot has fixed itself (helped by the night splint) so I can go out caching tomorrow. And ladysolly will be playing bridge until all hours, so I have a late pass.

I have my eye on three rings; two of 20 each and one of 30, but I might not have enough time for the third one, we'll see how it goes.

The bike (bike.2, with the two-speed motor) is ready to roll.

My bike helmet is sort of falling apart. I looked at my oldest one, and that's so bad (plus I don't think it fits properly) that I'm throwing it out. The second oldest, the one I usually use, is sort of falling apart. Nothing too important, it's the inner felt lining. I've glued it back, but it'll need to set properly. So I'm taking my newest and best helmet.

I do have another - it's a skateboard style helmet. It doesn't have the vents that a bike helmet has, so it's best for winter use. And I've ordered another 21-vent bike helmet from Ebay. It's only £5.35. It should arrive by the end of this month, by which time I'll probably be using the skateboard style helmet.

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