Friday 12 September 2014

Monitor repaired

I've been using a Cathode Ray Tube monitor (you remember those?) because I got fed up with the way that my Acer LCD kept blacking out and needed to be signal-cycled to bring it back. But then I got fed up with using a puny 15 inch monitor (more like 14, actually). So I had a look at what I had.

I have an Edge 10 1920 by 1200 pixel, 24 inch LCD monitor, and the label I stuck on it says "power supply not working". I thought about opening up the power supply to see if I could fix it, but A) it isn't obvious how to open it up and B) it's probably some component that's blown and I won't know which one.

And then I had an idea. Ebay.

I went on to Ebay and did a search for "Edge 10 power supply" and sure enough, someone was selling them. I looked at it, it had the right connector, and so I decided to punt £30 on it. It arrived today, and it worked!

I now have a working monitor.

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