Saturday 13 September 2014


I got an expensively-produced invitation today. An invitation to what? I don't know.

It came from "PAD London art+design".There's a "collector's preview". There's a "private preview". ANd there's an "exhibition". It doesn't say what is being exhibited.

Bicycles? Computers? Torque wrenches? There's no clue given.

There's a list of names on the back; I don't recognise any of them, and there's no clue what these are the names of. Names like "Pascal Cuisinier" and "Flak", "Robilant & Voena" and Nilufar.

The other thing they forgot to give, is the address. It says "Berkeley Sq", but I've been there, and it's really very big, there's a hundred or two buildings there.

This is the most incompetent and ill-designed piece of marketing I've seen for a long time; someone has thrown away a lot of money to get these produced and mailed out. It's for 13-19 October, maybe I'll give it to Silverspoonlondon, maybe they'll know what it's for.


  1. Google is one's friend. Apparently, "PAD cultivates eclecticism, authenticity and connoisseurship with passion and flair." Sounds right up your street. :)

  2. I can scarecly contain my indifference.