Friday, 19 September 2014

Compensation for an outage

In August, I had an 8 hour communications outage. My service provider says it was the fault of people upstream from them. But I have a Service Level Agreement, and I asked them for compensation for this outage.

They offered me £3.93.

This has had a major impact on my likelihood of signing up again with them. I was on the verge of signing the papers for another three years, and for a beefier connection. But now I'm not so sure.

The problem is this.

I feel sure that the tech people will bust a gut to fix any outage; that's what we do. Even though the penalty for not fixing it is a paltry £12 per day, they'll do their very best.

No, the problem is with the accountants. The bean counters. Suppose the tech guys say to the beanies, "We'd like to spend £20,000 on a router that will just sit on a shelf. We want it, because if anything happens to one of our major routers, we'll be able to swap in the replacement in minutes, rather than order one from the vendor and hope to get it within 24 hours"

The beanie will look at spending £20,000, look at the penalties of not spending it (£12 per day) and "request denied".

Unless there's a real incentive to spend money to minimise outages, why would they fork out?

So I'm talking to TalkTalk again.

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