Monday 8 September 2014

Bike maintenance

After several hours in the saddle of bike.2, I started to wish it was ... more comfortable.

Ideally, a bike saddle is made of marshmallow, and stuffed with clouds. In practice, we've come a long way from the sprung leather of my youth to the gel saddles of today.

I've swapped the saddle for one I had in my box of bits; this one is broader, and so will be a better match for my broader bum.

While I had the bike standing there, I oiled the two brake cables; they weren't sticking, but they did run smoother after the oiling, and I sprayed lubricant on a squeaky bearing. If a bearing squeaks, that's not only irritating, it's also telling you that metal is rubbing on metal, and that leads to wear. It doesn't squeak now.

I got all my head torches out, checked that they work, and topped up the batteries. Shorter days are here, and soon I'll be out after dark. On Wednesday, I'm planning to go to Fareham and Gosport. This will be a day out with a late pass, as ladysolly will be Bridging. The reason I'm going to Fareham, is that after the day's caching, I can attend the monthly mid-week Hampshire event, and say hello of cachers I know there.

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