Friday 19 September 2014

Another change to the credit card system

I feel sure that Visa and Mastercard have no idea how much trouble they cause when they make even a small change to their requirements.

New rules:

1. If you make excessive authorisation requests, you get penalised.
2. You now have to have Unique Transaction Identifiers and Trace IDs.
3. There's a new indicator for recurring transactions.
4. You have to distinguish between pre and final authorisations

All over the world, people who write credit card transaction software have until October 1st to implement a whole bunch of changes.

And they tell us on September 19th.

What world do these guys live in?

 ... update ...

I spoke to the technical people. They say that no action is required of me, because I'm in a category that has it taken care of by Barclays Merchant Services, who are the people who sent me the leaflet.

They've done this so many times now - sending me a letter or leaflet asking that I jump through certain hoops within a very short deadline, and when I call them to get details, they tell me that it doesn't apply to me.

I guess it's cheaper for them to send these leaflets out to everyone, rather than just the people who are applicable.

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