Wednesday 20 August 2014

To Brigstock

Today, I took bike.2 (with the dual-speed Xiongda motor) to Brigstock. I did two circuits, first "Another Brigstock and back" and "Brigstock to Stanion".

The bike performed perfectly. I was in low gear the whole time, except when I was on tarmac. In low gear, I can get up to 12 mph, which is plenty when going over a rough track. Then I tried low gear for starting off, and switching to high when at about 12 mph. I also tried the automatic gear change, which worked fine.

The thermometer was good; it told me that the motor temperature got up to 32 degrees, but because I'm stopping frequently for cache-hunting, it was able to cool down. And I don't think I'd be worried until it got to at least 50.

The front brake failed at one point (but not at a critical moment); it only took a few seconds to fix it, but I need to work out why it happened. I also need to tidy up the wiring.

And I've discovered that having the PDA on the left instead of on the right is good, because it means I can see the indicator that tells me which gear the bike is in.

48 caches done today, no DNFs, but I did quite a lot of replacements of missing caches.

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