Wednesday, 13 August 2014

St Mary Bourne

I went South today, because I wanted to attend the "Cunning Cachers" event, one I've been to a few times before, and it's always well attended.

First, I went caching, and did a bunch of the "World cup" series. I did 32 caches, including visiting this church to get the info for a multi.

I'm guessing that the building is also used as a synagogue. Good idea, economical and ecumenical.

So after circling the large curchyard a couple of times, I got most of the data, guessed two of the numbers, and worked out a location ... a couple of kilometers away! So I decided to do it later, when I'd be a bit nearer the place.

I also saw this near a stile.

And indeed this is true - the stiles were simple gates, so easy to get a bike through!

Then I got back to the car, at about 14:30, for lunch and a rest. But then, batteries changed, I went out and did another 30 caches. And it rained a bit, so I got a bit wet - not a problem in summer.

Then on to the Cunning Cachers event, where I met a lot of people I've never met before. And I suggested to Keith that he organise a Kilo. What's a Kilo? Well, if a Mega is an event with 500 or more people, a Kilo must be an event with half a person or more.

Tomorrow, it's bike maintenance. The horn button on the bike fell apart, and I do actually use that horn occasionally, to let a walker know that I'm coming up behind them. What I *don't* want, is for me to pass the walker, the walker to suddenly notice me, and jump to one side ... the side I'm passing on.  That wouldn't do much damage, I'm always going very slowly as I pass people. But if it causes me to fall off the bike, I'd be unhappy. It's best if they know I'm there.

Also, the gears need adjusting, and the rear brake. And if the spokes arrive, I can build the wheel using the two-speed motor!

64 caches done today, no DNFs.

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