Sunday, 3 August 2014

Monitor maintenance

The monitor for my multiple-terminal server stopped working, so as a stopgap, I swapped in an old CRT display. Very old! You can't actually buy CRT displays any more. But this one, an Iiyama Vision Master 17, seems to be able to display 1600 by 1200, although the text font is rather small. Very small. I have a few of these left over from when CRT was the only kind of monitor.

Today, I tested the old monitor, and it wouldn't power on. And there's no obvious way to open it up to see if a fuse has gone, or something simple like that. So, new monitor.

I had a look on Bluepoint, my go-to site for bits and bobs, and I could get a 1920 by 1080 21.5 inch monitor for £75. But I really want 1920 by 1200 or better. So I had a look on Ebay. And I bought a second hand 1920 by 1200 24 inch monitor for £61. It says it's scratched, but the scratch is small, and I don't think it'll bother me.

I'm also bidding on another 24 inch, 1920 by 1200 monitor, no scratches, but I didn't put a high limit on the bid, so I doubt if I'll get it. I bid the amount such that, I'll be happy if I get it, and I won't be unhappy if I don't.

Tomorrow I'm planning to go caching near Kettering. I like Kettering.

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