Saturday 23 August 2014

Hail August!

Yes. Hail in August. And a driving wind. While I was out on the bike. It was so bad, it was quite painful, so I lurked under a tree until it was over.

Today I took the bike to Moulton Chapel, near Spalding in Lincolnshire. It was at the extreme of my range for caching, 130 kilometers away, but how could I resist 40 caches, all on a network of small roads?

The bike performed well, but I got soaked. However, I need to do a couple of small repairs.

One of the bolts on my rear carrier came undone AGAIN! That leaves my rear carrier not fully supported, and with the weight of batteries I'm carrying, that's bad. I've replaced the bolt, and I'm trying a different way of locking it in place.

The PDA holder came apart when the bike fell over (I left it on it's prop stand, and the wind was just too much for it). So that needs fixing. And the LCD clocks that I ordered have arrived, so I've taped one of those to the handlebar.

An interesting thing that I discovered about the two-speed motor. If I'm doing 12 mph, then in low gear, it's pulling 250 watts, but in high gear, the same speed is pulling 500 wats. According to the wattmeter on the display, that is. I know that electric motors are more efficient if they run faster, so maybe that's the reason.

They grow gladioli here, they made a fine picture. Then the hail came down.

40 caches done today, and a few DNFs.

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