Tuesday 26 August 2014

Fedora core 20 on an old motherboard

I tried to install Fedora Core 20 on an old motherboard, but Anaconda (the installer) bomber out with "Pane is dead".

I tried all sorts of things, and now I have a good list of what doesn't work:

 - googling Anaconda pane is dead
 - Core 19
 - more memory
 - less memory
 - basic graphics mode
 - swearing

What does work:

When you get the menu that includes "Install Fedora 20", press the Esc key.
That gives you the boot: prompt, and from there you type "Linux text".

Now you're installing Linux in text mode, and although I've never used this interface before, and it isn't as nice as the graphical interface, it was pretty obvious how to use it.

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