Tuesday 5 August 2014

Bought on Ebay

The new monitor arrived, and it's Wonderful! I can't actually see the scratch that they said marks the screen. So I'm bidding for another one.

The long sleeved cotton "Fruit of the Loom" t-shirts I got have been very good. I don't need to put sun cream on now, and the fabric, even though it's light, gives my arms some protection against nettles, thistles and brambles. So I've ordered five more.

I felt the motor of bike.3 while I was out, and it was definitely getting warm. Then I felt the nut that holds the wheel in place, and that was, as you'd expect, equally warm. That means that I can fit a temperature sensor to the wheel; I can't put it on the motor, because that's spinning, but I can put it on the nut. I've ordered two (£1 each). And I've also ordered a nice big LCD clock for the bike; also £1.

The two-speed motor arrived. It feels heavy, but actually it's only 3.32 kilograms, which isn't much for a motor. A very knowledgable guy on the pedelec forum suggested this motor. He also suggested that I replace the grease inside with better quality grease, so I've ordered a pot from Ebay. Also two double-walled (and therefore stronger than single) rims, two Kevlar puncture-resistant tires, and the tape to go on the rim to stop the spokes from puncturing the inner tube. I already have loads of heavy-duty inner tubes, and the gel inserts. I'm planning to put this on the Haro bike that I got a few months ago (with the original intention of using it for spare parts). It will be bike.7.

When the rims arrive, I'll do some careful measurements, then work out the length of spoke I need. If the spec of the rim is correct, I'll want 213 mm spokes. I can get 36 of those from China for £20, but I'd rather get them from Tiller Cycles for £27, because A) they won't take a week or two to arrive and B) TIller looks like he knows what he's doing when it comes to bikes. He also offers wheel build and truing for £10, which sounds like a really good bargain - I've done this once, and it's a long and tedious business (but I'd guess he's got the proper tools for doing it quickly and efficiently).

I also bought a couple more of those LCD voltmeters; they're ideal, much better than the LED ones for seeing in sunlight.

Tomorrow I have a late pass, ladysolly is playing bridge. I'm planning to go Hatley. There's a 40-cache ring "A walk on the wild side", and then "A walk in the Buff", 17 more caches. There's a few more around while I'm doing those.

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