Friday 15 August 2014

Biking in Bedford

I went just north of Bedford, to finish off two series that I've partly done; the "Cartoon Cats" and "Two birthdays one bash". I had a great bike ride around the area, then down to Bedford for the MVT series, which was all on tarmac. So a good day out, and 58 caches done, including one in a very clever hide that I've not seen before, and it isn't often that I can say that!

I was on bike.3. A couple of problems developed. One minor, something broke the horn wire, I'll have armour it a bit. The other possibly more serious; the back wheel does a little bump, once per revolution. I'll have to look into the cause of that.

Deliveries from my Ebay purchases; another kickstand like the one I'm using on bike.3, which has proved to be a *lot* better than the one it came with, I think because it's adjustable. Two thermometers, that I can use to monitor motor temperature. And one roll of camo tape.

Also, I've had an idea. I have a handlebar switch that combines horn, power on/off and a three way switch intended for turn indicators, but I have no need to those. I'm thinking that I can use this, maybe, for the three speed control on the bike, which right now, has a separate switch. I'll have to test to see if my multiswitch turn indicator can give the same signals as the three-way.

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