Thursday 28 August 2014

Alconbury again

I like going to Alconbury. There's a great place to park, I can leave the car there all day. And what stiles they have, tend to be the very large kissing gates, no problem getting a bike through.

So I went to Alconbury again today. Before I went, I gave a puzzle to ladysolly to solve, she likes that kind of thing. But it did make it important that I find that one!

Heaving those heavy UPSes around yesterday has made my back hurt slightly. I wouldn't go so far as to say "strained back", but I was very glad I didn't have to lift the bike over any obstacles today.

And Freda the Freelander is going for service, she's developed a bit of a whine when I turn the wheel, and I *don't* want to suddenly lose steering at an inopportune moment. Also the handbrake could do with a bit of improvement. So today I took out Victor the Volvo, a big heavy car with a poor turning circle, but room in the back for the bike.

I did 52 caches; as well as Alconbury, I went south a bit to pick up a few extras, includinmg a couple of solved puzzles I've had for a while. That meant that I had to cycle back to Alconbury along the main roads. The A14 was hairy - huge articulated lorries were passing me a few feet away, and the benefit of the rush of air whooshing me along wasn't enough to compensate for the fear of ending up splatted.

But the A14 was not as bad as the A1, which I also had to go on. I was *very* glad when I could turn off it.

Bike.2 performed beautifully. I was in low gear almost the whole day; 12 mph is more than enough over rough ground - 8mph is more like it.

The cache of the day was "Troll lol lol lol", a cache that I tried before when this was the "Alconbury Amble" and failed. I failed again today, but I Phoned a Friend, and she gave me enough information for me to have another go and I found it!

52 caches done today, no DNFs.

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