Monday 4 August 2014


First, I did "Little Addington and back", a ring of 32 caches (and I did an extra one). While I was doing this, I met a group of three lady cachers at a cache, and then I caught up with another pair of cachers.

At one cache, I was just writing in the log, when a muggle drove up. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I'm cycling down this bridleway," I replied. My usual policy is to answer this sort of question with an answer that adds nothing to what the questioner can already see for himself. It's surprising (to me) how often this finished the conversation. In this case, the young lad sat in his 4x4, obviously wondering how to continue this conversation, so I said "Nice dog," referring to his dog. And he said "yes" and zoomed off.

A couple of caches later, I was talking to the cachers that I'd caught up with on the trail, and the young lad joined us, looking a bit like he wanted to say something, but couldn't think what. So I asked him what he was up to, and he gave me a detailed answer.

Then I did "Thorpe Waterville and back" plus a few extras nearby for another couple of dozen caches. That took me up to 5:30, so I set off home, but I stopped off for a couple of caches that are just off the A1; one of them I had a go at several months ago without success, but this time I found it.

A good day out; there was a light shower, but not enough to get wet. 62 caches found.

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