Thursday, 31 July 2014

Two circuits at Stamford.

The first circuit was  "Greatford and back" The first cache I found was a cache with a four letter code. I like finding those; the four letter code means that it's quite an old cache, seven or eight years at least. I left a 1000 gb drive in it for the next finder to swap for.

I continued round the circuit, and was able to make a fairly long digression to pick up another four letter cache "The Moat". And I made a small digression to pick up a puzzle that I'd solved. When you're on a bike, a digression can be very quick if the surface is good.

I got back to the car at 2:30, had lunch, and set off on my other circuit, "Wilsthorpe and back". Because I'd parked where the two circuits are close together, I didn't need to relocate the car, I just loaded up with fresh batteries and set out.

When I finished that, I headed for another puzzle that I'd solved, but on the way there I noticed a cache that I'd tried before and DNFed. I stopped, got out (in the rain) and tried again, and this time I found it!

53 caches found today, no DNFs.

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