Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stamford again

I went out to Stamford again today, to do three circuits.

The first was "Copthill and Back". I found all the caches, and met a geocaching couple halfway round.

The second was   "Copthill farm and Back". In two places, I had to get through a locked farm gate, although it was clearly marked as a right of way. Naughty farmer! Three of the caches were multis, that had a final a long way away; I did those after I'd finished the circuit. For one of them, I didn't get the correct final location, but I found the cache anyway because the clue was so good.

The third series was "another Stamford Saunter". I'd already done a few of those, but I wasn't able to complete the series because I had two DNFs. One of them I'm pretty sure is gone; the other one I rather think might be gone, but I'm not certain.

A total of 44 caches done today.

The nut and bolt holding my rear suspension together was, I suddenly noticed, extremely loose! I hand tightened it, and tightened it properly when I got back to the car.

Also, the rear carrier that I'm using lets the pannier get much too close to the wheel. I want to use a carrier with an extra "dog leg" to keep the pannier off the wheel, but this bike doesn't have the fittings for a rear carrier, so I'm using a "universal" carrier, which doesn't have a dogleg. But I had an idea today - P clips! So I've ordered a doglegged carrier from Ebay, and some suitable P clips, and I think I might be able to bodge a solution together.

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