Monday, 21 July 2014

Romance is not dead!

It wasn't quite as hot today as it's been recently, so I went out caching. I did two circuits on the bike, and one on foot, plus a few extras on foot. It was hot and muggy. I'm trying to remember how I freeze in winter.

I got an excellent view of the Morlock transmitter. Yes, I know that isn't its real name, but to me it's the Laurel and Hardy pair.

I took that while doing the "Yogurt Pot" series, which is notable for it's lack of yogurt pots. The other thing that made it notable, was when I got to the southern end of the track, I needed to climb over a style to get to the multi, but the stile was blocked by a snogging couple. That's not too remarkable, I often see courting pairs of muggles. What made this different, was that they weren't exactly young. I'd put the female at 60, maybe more, and the male likewise. And I think I'm being kind.

So I coughed quietly, and the male turned round and said "Oh! Where did you come from?" And me, being very much a literalist, interpreted that as meaning "Where did I come from" and I waved my hand and said "Just across the fields."

So I'm wondering, why would a married couple of my kind of age, be snogging several yards down a public footpath, where they're unlikely to be spotted? And the immediate answer that sprang to my suspicious mind was, "They're not married," which I quickly corrected to "They are married, but not to each other."

This was confirmed by what you see below.

I took that picture from a long way away, for obvious reasons. You can see the Morpork Transmitter, and if you look carefully, you can see two cars. And I observed the male muggle getting into one of them, and the female into the other. So they've made this assignation in separate cars, and as I left, I saw that they were now both in the same car, but I didn't look to see what they were up to.

So there's hope of romance for all us oldies!

58 caches found today, no DNFs.


  1. Just goes to show, there may be snow on the roof, but the fire is still burning down below.

  2. Ooooh I say, many a good tune played on an old fiddle :-D

  3. They should be playing bingo not hide the sausage. Yuk!