Tuesday 1 July 2014


I got a few spams from Experience Data offering me lists to spam to, so I emailed them back, asking how they cleaned their database. They explained the usual; they send an email, and if it arrives then they think everything is OK.

I emailed them back, pointing out that this doesn't actually do anything useful, and asking to be removed as I'm a private individual. I got a rather gruff email back, asking me to stop wasting their time and saying that they got the list from Database Angel. I emailed them back that if they didn't want to read my emails, they could simply delete them. Which is what spammers tell their victims.

So I phoned Database Angel. They said that Experience Data is a competitor, and they would never sell them data. And I got them to take me off their list. They also mention that they had a lawsuit with Experience; I didn't ask for details.

So I told Experience that Database Angel denied they'd sold them any data. I didn't tell them that they were being sued, as I guessed they already knew that.

Then I got another email from Experience. They've asked Database Angel for a refund as their data is so bad. the Angel is refusing a refund, so Experiience is taking legal action.

So that's all good then.

You know all those spam emails you get? I think that for a lot of them, even for most, the scam isn't that you pay for a worthless product. The scam is that some unscrupulous list vendor has scammed a wannabe spammer out of their hard-earned money for a rubbish list of email addresses. And I'm usually on that list.

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