Saturday 19 July 2014

GSAK on Linux

Wouldn't it be nice, I thought, if there was a version of GSAK that works with Linux. Then I thought about Wine, which gives you something not completely unlike Windows, working in Linux, and I tried it.

It's a bit umpty. It sort of works, but things crash at unanticipated moments, and access doesn't seem to work at all. But it works, kind of. And maybe I can get gc access to work.

So I can use my Windows machine for doing the access - that tends to take a long time. Then I can backup the database, restore it on the Linux box, and then make the necessary export of a GPX file from there. The file export is *much* faster from my Linux machine,  which is at least partly because it's a much faster machine with a lot more memory.

I've also started dabbling in GSAK macros.


  1. I tried running GSAK via Wine (also tried Crossover) on a Mac & encountered the same issues with GC access. The problem is that GSAK uses IE to talk to GC and "as any fule no" IE is native to Windows.

  2. That's why I paid £50 for a nice Asus EE PC.
    Why try to fight the obvious.

    1. I was only doing it for the geek factor. Didn't need to do it. :)