Friday 4 July 2014

Another trip to Market Deeping

I like it here. There's not many cows, horses and sheep. It's not that I'm worried about farm animals, it's that where you have farm animals, you have stiles, which I don't like.

So today I went to do three circuits, "Helpston and back", "Hike around Helpston" and "Marholm and back". Plus I did a bunch of oddments, and a load of solved puzzle caches in that area.

I've fitted a new prop stand to bike.3; it seems to hold the bike better than the standard prop stand. But I got to a cache, was about to deploy the prop stand, and noticed that it wasn't there. The leg had fallen off somewhere along the way to the cache. So after I found the cache, I retraced my route, looking for the missing part - and I found it!

I went out today wearing a cricket shirt. This has long sleeves, so my arms are protected from some of the nettle stings and thorny scratches. It's not as good as my camo coat, but I really can't wear that in this heat. The cricket shirt worked so well, I've ordered three more.
And a yellow shirt (see below).

I don't know how many miles I did - quite a lot, I think. I got through five batteries.

A total of 70 caches done today, which means my found total is now 37619, and that puts me back to number one UK cacher! But it's not about the numbers.

The replacement controller (not using Hall sensors) for bike.1 has arrived. With that in place, it'll tell me whether the problemis with the Hall connectors, or the main power connectors.


  1. No 1 again ? what has happened to Esscafe ?

  2. I've been told that she has a back problem :-(

  3. Every cloud