Tuesday 1 July 2014

A long day out

Ladysolly was playing bridge all day, including the evening, so I had a late pass. I decided to go for a long bike ride.

First, I did "Deeping Lakes and back", about 20 caches. I'd planned to do this a few days ago, but I stupidly hadn't loaded them onto my PDA - this time, I did. One of them took me a long time, but eventually, I found them all. That got me back to the car, so I had my sandwich and relocated to do "Maxey and back". I failed on the first one, but got all the others. It was a strange route, that sort of doubled back on itself on the map, but when I was actually following the trail I understood why this was.

Again, back at the car I had coffee and a bun, and then on to the third route of the day, "Market Deeping and back". I found all the caches, plus a few extras along the way, and got back to the car at about 8pm.

A long and exhausting day out; 82 caches found.

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